The history of Fear.FM:

Late 2005 there was a hype going on in Belgium, heard on a multitude of the radio stations in that area. This hype was Jump.

Said hype became the inspiration for us to start Fear.FM featuring only the harder electronic music. Early 2006 Fear.FM came into contact with the DoctorBass Forum which knew a lot of active DJs. A few of them ending up deciding to spin a set on a weekly basis for Fear.FM.

At that time it was also becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands as well, making Fear.FM grow like the proverbial weed. Unfortunately, it quickly became obvious that Jump was only a hype and the decision was made to also make a radio stream available to the lovers of Hardstyle. This stream became wildly popular in a very short time.

Halfway through 2006 Fear.FM met an important sponsor (Qreative Design) that gave us a ‘body’ besides the radio. All these ingredients combined meant that Fear.FM was growing in a record pace.

That same year, Fear.FM gave it’s first party cooperating with (the late) Club Zino, which showed that Fear.FM wasn’t just something of the virtual world but actually had its place in real life as well.

It became obvious that the listeners wanted more – not just 150 BPM but more, and harder. Those feelings gave birth to the hardest stream by 2007. In that same year the first top 40/ 100 lists saw the light of day, first for Jump, then for Hardstyle and lastly for Hardcore. These lists were the hallmark of Fear.FM because everyone was rooting for their favorite track to reach number 1 each month.

During that time, the financial costs were carried on the shoulders of the hosts but because the costs quickly became larger and larger we went out in search for the financial means to survive.

In 2007 we had to ask for donations. With this money we managed to endure halfway through 2008, after which we continued paying everything out of our own pockets again – after all, it was our hobby and it was fun.

In 2009 we launched our first live show, the 2Dangerous show with Tony and Mitchel as primary hosts. With many famous and upcoming talents the show quickly became popular in a short period.

Unfortunately, 2009 was also a difficult year; the international financial crisis erupted and it became increasingly hard to find sponsors willing to invest into Fear.FM.

The unfortunate result was that in the end of 2009 Fear.FM had to ask for donations from the community for a 2nd time, this time with a negative result. On the fateful day of 01-01-2010 Fear.FM had to pull the plug.

Present day:
We are temporarily back as a distraction to the worldwide COVID-19 problem. With our efforts, we hope to guide people through this difficult situation. This means that there is no guarantee that Fear.FM will continue to broadcast for a longer period of time.